List of fire-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN004.png Charmander FireFire A lizard Pokémon based on the mythical fire salamander. It prefers to live in hot places, such as volcanoes. If the fire on its tail goes out, then it will die. It is the Fire-type starter Pokémon of the Kanto region.
PKMN005.png Charmeleon FireFire Evolves from Charmander at level 16. It has a barbaric and savage nature. They form large packs in the mountains where they live, and fight to establish dominance. It's razor sharp claws and muscular tail are formidable weapons.
PKMN006.png Charizard FireFireFlyingFlying A dragon Pokémon that evolves from Charmeleon at level 36. With newly developed wings, it flies at altitudes of 4,600 ft. It's fire breath is hot enough to melt rock, but it possesses an honorable nature and won't use the full force of it's flame on foes it deems weaker than itself.
PKMN037.png Vulpix FireFire A six-tailed fox Pokémon. At birth it has a single, white tail that splits from the tip and gains color as it ages. It can freely control balls of fire and learn Ghost type moves such as Grudge and Confuse Ray.
PKMN038.png Ninetales FireFire A nine-tailed fox Pokémon that evolves from Vulpix via a Fire Stone. Very intelligent, it can live to be 1,000 years old. It is also able to learn Ghost type moves such as Confuse Ray.
PKMN058.png Growlithe FireFire The Puppy Pokémon. Very brave and loyal, it can spit fire and when it smells something, it will never forget it no matter what happens. Skeletons of this Pokémon have been found in excavations of ancient ruins dating back to the Stone Age.
PKMN059.png Arcanine FireFire A dog-like Pokémon that is described in Chinese legends. It evolves from Growlithe via a Fire Stone. Arcanine is a very fast Pokémon that can learn ExtremeSpeed.
PKMN077.png Ponyta FireFire A fire horse Pokémon that has the ability, Flash Fire. It allows Ponyta to power up when hit by a Fire type move. When first born, Ponyta's legs are weak and it can barely stand. By chasing after it's parents, it's legs grow more powerful and it's hooves become ten times harder than diamond.
PKMN078.png Rapidash FireFire A fire unicorn Pokémon that evolves from Ponyta at level 40. It has a developed horn. It uses this horn to drill its foes.
PKMN126.png Magmar FireFire One of the most powerful Fire type Pokémon of Kanto besides Moltres. It can burn down a building in one flame.
PKMN136.png Flareon FireFire One of the evolutions of Eevee. It can be evolved from Eevee via a Fire Stone. It powers up in a Fire due to its ability, Flash Fire.
PKMN146.png Moltres FireFireFlyingFlying A phoenix Pokémon and the fire type Legendary Bird of Kanto. This rare and powerful Pokémon is seldom seen by humans. It migrates around the world, and heats up the surrounding atmosphere with every flap of it's burning wings, bringing an early spring to regions where it flies. When injured, it heals itself by immersing it's body in the lava of a volcano. It used to be in the Victory Road in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow and then was moved to Mt. Ember in FireRed and LeafGreen.
PKMN155.png Cyndaquil FireFire The fire type starter Pokémon of Johto. It resemble various rodents such as a Porcupine. It can let its flame go out.
PKMN156.png Quilava FireFire Evolves from Cyndaquil. It's fur isn't flammable so it can be stroked unless its fire is inside it.
PKMN157.png Typhlosion FireFire A very strong and powerful Fire type Pokémon. It can use flaming powers such as making volcanoes erupt and can learn the powerful Fire Blast.
PKMN218.png Slugma FireFire A Fire slug-like Pokémon that lives in volcanoes. It is very hot and should never be touched because you will be flamed.
PKMN219.png Magcargo FireFireRockRock A Fire snail-like Pokémon that has a developed Rock type. It is able to badly burn its foes with its fire spewing.
PKMN228.png Houndour DarkDarkFireFire A dark dog that is Fire/Dark type. Never mess with this Pokémon or it will bite you and its bites may burn you.
PKMN229.png Houndoom DarkDarkFireFire A demon-like dog that can terribly burn you with its powerful Fire Blast. It is a flaming dog that can leave you into ashes.
PKMN240.png Magby FireFire The baby form of Magmar. This Pokémon can badly burn its foes and it lives in volcanoes. It can spew small embers.
PKMN244.png Entei FireFire

A Fire type legendary Pokémon that is described to have been from a Flareon. It resembles a lion. It is one of the most powerful Fire type Pokémon due to being a legendary Pokémon.

PKMN250.png Ho-Oh FireFireFlyingFlying A Legendary bird Pokémon that can be found in the Brass Tower as described in legends. It is the only known Pokémon to learn Sacred Fire.
PKMN255.png Torchic FireFire The fire type starter Pokémon of Hoenn. It can spew flaming hot fireballs and can leave its foes burning badly. It is a baby chick.
PKMN256.png Combusken FireFireFightingFighting A young fowl Pokémon. It has the developed Fighting type and can learn Double Kick at Level 16 when Torchic evolves into this Pokémon. It has developed arms and hands with claws on them.
PKMN257.png Blaziken FireFireFightingFighting A recommended Pokémon. It is a very powerful chicken Pokémon that can send burning hot flames to its foes and it is very good at martial arts.
PKMN322.png Numel FireFireGroundGround A Camel-like Pokémon that mainly lives in volcanoes and it only has one hump unlike other real camels which have something like 3 humps.
PKMN323.png Camerupt FireFireGroundGround A Camel-like Pokémon that can learn the powerful Eruption move and unlike Numel, it has 2 humps and it changed into the orange color.
PKMN324.png Torkoal FireFire A tortoise-like Pokémon that has a hole in its shell. This hole stores fire which is powered by coal. It is also the only known Pokémon to have the ability, White Smoke.
PKMN390.png Chimchar FireFire It is one of the starter Pokémon of Sinnoh. A Pokémon that resembles a monkey. It's fire on its tail goes out when it is sleeping.
PKMN391.png Monferno FireFireFightingFighting A monkey-like Pokémon that has the developed Fighting type. It can mainly do everything that Chimchar does, but it can also use fighting skills.
PKMN392.png Infernape FireFireFightingFighting A very fast monkey-like Pokémon that excels at martial arts. It has flames coming out from its head which replace the once flaming tail that it had as its former evolutions.
PKMN467.png Magmortar FireFire A fire type Pokémon. It is one of the few Pokémon that evolve via trading while holding an item. The item it should hold is a Magmarizer in able to evolve.
PKMN485.png Heatran FireFireSteelSteel The legendary fire type Pokémon of Sinnoh. It is the only known Pokémon to know Magma Storm and it can cause huge volcano eruptions and burn up a whole city.
PKMN494.png Victini PsychicPsychicFireFire This legendary Pokémon is the victory Pokémon that is native to the Unova region.It is the only known Pokémon to learn the moves Searing Shot and V-Create and is also the only known Pokémon to have the ability Victory Star.
PKMN498.png Tepig FireFire The Fire starter of the Unova region. It breathes smoke when weak.
PKMN499.png Pignite FireFireFightingFighting Evolves from Tepig. It now has Fighting abilities.
PKMN500.png Emboar FireFireFightingFighting Evolves from Pignite.
PKMN513.png Pansear FireFire A Pokémon based on Kikazaru, the Hear No Evil monkey. The flame-like hair on it's head can reach temperatures of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses it's hair to roast berries before eating them.
PKMN514.png Simisear FireFire Evolves from Pansear via a Fire Stone.
PKMN554.png Darumaka FireFire An ape Pokémon based on a Daruma doll. It tucks it's arms into it's body and sleeps without falling over.
PKMN555.png Darmanitan FireFire Evolves from Darumaka.
PKMN607.png Litwick GhostGhostFireFire One of the weakest Fire types in Unova.
PKMN608.png Lampent GhostGhostFireFire Evolves from Litwick
PKMN609.png Chandelure GhostGhostFireFire Evolves from Lampent.
PKMN631.png Heatmor FireFire A rare fire anteater. Its favorite meal is Durant.
PKMN636.png Larvesta BugBugFireFire A larva that shoots fire from its horns.
PKMN637.png Volcarona BugBugFireFire Evolves from Larvesta. It is one of the strongest fire types in Unova beside Reshiram. It is described in Greek mythology.
PKMN643.png Reshiram DragonDragonFireFire Reshiram is the only know pokémon which is both from the fire and dragon types. Reshiram is spoken in ledgends across Unova as the being of truth sleeping in the light stone waiting for the hero of legend. It is also the only known Pokémon to be able to learn Fusion Flare (Other than an event Victini) and Blue Flare and is also the only Pokémon to have the ability Turbo Blaze
PKMNXY653.png Fennekin FireFire A fennec fox Pokémon and Fire-type starter of the Kalos region. It chews on twigs and converts them into fuel for fire inside it's stomach, like a tiny furnace. Excess heat is released from it's large ears.
PKMNXY654.png Braixen FireFire Evolves from Fennekin.
PKMNXY655.png Delphox FireFirePsychicPsychic Evolves from Braixen.
PKMNXY662.png Fletchinder FireFireFlyingFlying Evolves from Fletchling.
PKMNXY663.png Talonflame FireFireFlyingFlying A peregrine falcon Pokémon that evolves from Fletchinder at level 35.
PKMNXY667.png Litleo FireFireNormalNormal A lion cub Pokémon. When it's young, it lives in a pride, watched over by it's parents, but once it learns to hunt on it's own, it's forced to leave the pride and find it's way in the world. When facing a strong opponent, the orange tuft of mane on it's head surges with intense heat.
PKMNXY668.png Pyroar FireFireNormalNormal A lion Pokémon that evolves from Litleo.
PKMNXY721.png Volcanion FireFireWaterWater
PKMNSM725.png Litten FireFire
PKMNSM726.png Torracat FireFire
PKMNSM727.png Incineroar FireFireDarkDark
PKMNSM757.png Salandit PoisonPoisonFireFire
PKMNSM758.png Salazzle PoisonPoisonFireFire
PKMNSM776.png Turtonator FireFireDragonDragon
PKMNSS813.png Scorbunny FireFire
PKMNSS814.png Raboot FireFire
PKMNSS815.png Cinderace FireFire
PKMNSS838.png Carkol RockRockFireFire
PKMNSS839.png Coalossal RockRockFireFire
PKMNSS850.png Sizzlipede FireFireBugBug
PKMNSS851.png Centiskorch FireFireBugBug

Alternate forms

Pokémon Type Information
PKMNXY006-X.png Mega Charizard X FireFireDragonDragon One of the two Mega Evolutions of Charizard.
PKMNXY006-Y.png Mega Charizard Y FireFireFlyingFlying
PKMNSM105-A.png Marowak
Alola form
120px Mega Houndoom DarkDarkFireFire
120px Mega Blaziken FireFireFightingFighting
120px Mega Camerupt FireFireGroundGround
PKMN351-S.png Castform
Sunny Form
120px Primal Groudon GroundGroundFireFire
PKMN479-Heat.png Heat Rotom ElectricElectricFireFire In this form Rotom has gone inside a microwave to turn into Heat Rotom. The only Fire type move it can learn though is Overheat making it the only known Pokémon that cant learn Flamethrower or Fire Blast
PKMN555-Z.png Darmanitan
Zen Mode
PKMNSS555-GZ.png Darmanitan
Galar Form

Zen Mode

PKMNSM741-B.png Oricorio
Baile Style

List of fire-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Ember SpecialSpecial Cute 25 40 100% First
Fire Blast SpecialSpecial Beautiful 5 120 85% First
Fire Punch PhysicalPhysical Tough 15 75 100% First
Fire Spin SpecialSpecial Beautiful 15 35 85% First
Flamethrower SpecialSpecial Beautiful 15 95 100% First
Flame Wheel PhysicalPhysical Beautiful 25 60 100% Second
Sacred Fire PhysicalPhysical Beautiful 5 100 95% Second
Sunny Day StatusStatus Beautiful 5 Second
Blaze Kick PhysicalPhysical Cool 10 85 90% Third
Eruption SpecialSpecial Beautiful 5 Varies 100% Third
Heat Wave SpecialSpecial Beautiful 10 100 90% Third
Overheat SpecialSpecial Beautiful 5 140 90% Third
Will-O-Wisp StatusStatus Beautiful 15 75% Third
Blast Burn SpecialSpecial Beautiful 5 150 90% Third
Fire Fang PhysicalPhysical Cool 15 65 95% Fourth
Flare Blitz PhysicalPhysical Cool 15 120 100% Fourth
Lava Plume SpecialSpecial Tough 15 80 100% Fourth
Magma Storm SpecialSpecial Tough 5 120 75% Fourth
Fiery Dance SpecialSpecial Beautiful 10 80 100% Fifth
Fire Pledge SpecialSpecial Beautiful 10 50 100% Fifth
Flame Burst SpecialSpecial Beautiful 15 70 100% Fifth
Flame Charge PhysicalPhysical Cool 20 50 100% Fifth
Heat Crash PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 Varies 100% Fifth
Incinerate SpecialSpecial Tough 15 30 100% Fifth
Inferno SpecialSpecial Beautiful 5 100 50% Fifth
Searing Shot SpecialSpecial Cool 5 100 100% Fifth
Blue Flare SpecialSpecial Beautiful 5 130 85% Fifth
Fusion Flare SpecialSpecial Beautiful 5 100 100% Fifth
V-create PhysicalPhysical Cool 5 180 95% Fifth
Mystical Fire SpecialSpecial Beautiful 10 75 100% Sixth
Burn Up SpecialSpecial ??? 5 130 100% Seventh
Fire Lash PhysicalPhysical ??? 15 80 100% Seventh
Shell Trap SpecialSpecial ??? 5 150 100% Seventh
Mind Blown SpecialSpecial ??? 5 150 100% Seventh
Sizzly Slide PhysicalPhysical ??? 15 90 100% Seventh
Pyro Ball PhysicalPhysical ??? 5 120 90% Eighth


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