Fiora's Twin Blades are a type of weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are exclusive to Fiora while she is in her Mechon body. They permanently replace Fiora's Knives.

Types of Twin Blades

Conviction Blades340 - 385255015%10%34-B
Eternity Knives320 - 3900012%0%2 - 33-B
Infinity320 - 3700010%0%U34-A
Safe Blades320 - 35025200%5%U35-A
Final Cut310 - 320000%0%23-B
Grace Blades300 - 325008%0%26-A
Hrunting295 - 415000%0%U35-A
Dystopia280 - 4800010%0%2 - 36-B
War Blades270 - 415008%0%2 - 35-B
Regal Daggers260 - 30022220%8%1 - 32-B
Delay Blades255 - 310005%0%1 - 36-A
Omega Break250 - 350006%0%U25-B
Falcon Blades245 - 2950010%0%24-B
Chaos Break240 - 25518180%6%U12-B
Star Knives230 - 3700010%0%13-B
Swallow Blades230 - 2950010%0%2 - 34-B
Orca Daggers220 - 29020200%8%24-A
Karma Blades210 - 275005%0%2 - 35-A
Sparrow Blades200 - 290005%0%01-B
Jack Daggers195 - 27515150%6%2 - 34-A
Murder Knives195 - 250008%0%13-A
Protector Daggers180 - 26012120%4%2 - 32-A
Mechonis Swords180 - 260000%0%21-A
Reward Swords130 - 1900010%0%U24-A

Meyneth Monado

Meyneth Monado

Meyneth Monado is a type of Twin Blades briefly used by Fiora during her fight against Zanza. Like every other Monado in the first game, it is the manifestation of Alvis' power. Further technical information on the weapon can be found on the Monado page.


Unused Content


Utopia is a type of Twin Blades that were originally supposed to be in the game but were cut for unknown reasons. It is impossible to obtain them by regular means.

Utopia's Stats

Weapon Stats
Type Twin Blades
Attack 270 - 285
Physical Def 15
Ether Def 15
Critical Rate 20%
Block Rate 5%
Empty Slots 1
Sell Price N/A
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