Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is an SNES video game released initially in 1992. It was developed as a very simplified RPG for newcomers of the genre so that Square could help expand the audience. While the actual battles were very similar to the previous installments in the series, it also included other action adventure portions as well, which was a dramatic departure from the traditional series.

Overall, the game fared well critically, though not as well compared to the series' staples.

The quest begins where you play a knight named Benjamin, who escapes from his village that was later destroyed and when he reaches at the top of the Hill of Destiny, an old man tells Benjamin about finding four crystals and send them to the Focus Tower, where the Dark King is hiding out.

Benjamin also has help with one of four partners that would join them on his quest.

Kaeli: A native of Foresta. She is able to talk to trees and wields an axe in battle.
Tristam: A mercenary who throws shurikens in battle. He is Benjamin's least reliable ally, as he is always looking for compensation for his "services".
Phoebe: She is a powerful archer from Aquaria, who accompanies Benjamin to the final battle.
Reuben: He is from the town of Fireburg, and wields a Morning Star in battle.

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