This article is about the game that was ONLY released in Japan. You may be looking for the North American version of the Super NES Final Fantasy III or it's Nintendo DS remake.

Final Fantasy III(JP) is the third game in the Final Fantasy series. Although the original Famicom version was never released outside of Japan, its Nintendo DS remake was.

Plot Overview

Four kids fall into a pit, and end up in a cave. They find a large blue crystal, the Wind Crystal, at one room in the cave, and are attacked by a Land Turtle, the first boss. After a bit of adventuring, they find that all of the crystals are being attacked by a person named Xande, who wants to throw the world into darkness. The group eventually fights Xande in the Syrcus Tower. They then meet the Cloud of Darkness, the final boss, who teleports them to the World of Darkness.


The system of gameplay in this game is largely similar to that of the original Final Fantasy. There's a world map, towns, and dungeons. Some slight errors with the battle system have been fixed since the two previous games, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. The main new feature in this game is the introduction of the Job Change System, a system that would be repeated in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy Tactics. This system allows you to change the class, or job, of each of your four characters at almost any point in the game. There's a wide variety of jobs, each with their own special abilities. The characters only start with the job "Onion Knight," but gain other jobs each time they find a crystal. A bonus dungeon, Forbidden Land Eureka, will give the characters the two ultimate jobs, the Sage and the Ninja.

English Releases

This game did not receive a release in English at the time it was made. The 8-bit original received a fan translation by NeoDemiforce that was released on August 13, 1998 but the game was unavailable by legal means until the DS remake was released some years later. The DS remake differs from the Famicom original on several key points such as the longer casting time of the Sage job and the fact that Onion Knight is now a hidden job rather than being available at the start.

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