Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (JP) is a Nintendo DS adventure game by Square Enix. The game features a card-based combat system.


The game consists of a world-map that the main character (a Chocobo that you'll name) can traverse. Around the world, you'll find various picture books and other objects you can interact with in order to trigger a minigame or microgame. The mini-games are based on popular fables such as the Tortoise and the Hare and multiple others. The game also includes card based battles, which will have to using cards you find around the game's world to summon monsters.


  • Chocobo
  • Shiroma, a White Mage.
  • Kuroma, a Black Mage.
  • Mizui and Pikabu, a pair of consisting of a skinny blue Chocobo and pink Fat Chocobo.
  • The Chokazu, a group of black Chocobos acting and dressed as stereotypical crooks. (Black ski masks and black and white striped shirts.)

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