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The Final Fantasy series is a popular RPG franchise that started with Final Fantasy on the NES. It was named so as it was thought to be Square’s final RPG, though ironically it ended up saving the company. Soon enough, because of Final Fantasy, the company would become the best known publisher and developer for RPG’s.

Each new entry involves high production values which the series is well known for, an involving story and fantastic music. The gameplay mechanics evolve with each new game, and ever since its initial release a multitude of spin offs have been released such as the ultra popular Final Fantasy Tactics series and the Crystal Chronicles series.

The Final Fantasy series is known for having more entries in an RPG series than any other, including the plethora of spin-off titles released. Two major motion pictures have been created based on the video games, with one of them, titled Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, being the most expensive movie based on a video game ever made. Notably, it was also the first ever movie to feature photo-realistic characters. Sadly, the movie was a box office failure.

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