Fillbots is the third rhythm game played in Rhythm Heaven, coming right after Glee Club. It takes place in a factory that builds only robots, and these robots need to be fueled up before they are sent off. That's the player's job. He must fuel up the white robots with red fuel to the beat of the music, some robots being bigger than others. The bigger ones take about twice as long to fill up. These robots are interestingly filled to the very brim with fuel, no less and no more.

The player controls a big tube that can be extended to reach the robots, and has a smaller tip that fits into a hole in the top of the robots. The robots are snapped together from three pieces right before they are fueled up, and are taken to the fueler by converter belt, which stops for fueling.

How to Play

Playing the game consists of simply tapping the touch screen at the right time when the robot is right below the fuel tube. The player knows when to do this from the rhythm which is played. It's not quite as easy as that, though, because there is more to do. The player must then keep the pressure on the screen, keeping the tube down, for the tube keeps filling as long as the screen is being pushed. The tube has to be pulled out at the very moment the robot is full. When to do this is also known from the rhythm.

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