The planet Fichina as shown in Star Fox 64.

Fichina is a planet in the Lylat system that is cold and icy. In Star Fox 64, Star Wolf planted a bomb in a Cornerian Army Base to lure the Star Fox Team into a trap. The team had to defeat Star Wolf to disable the bomb. Star Fox: Assault, you must disable a bomb in the base too, but first you have to destroy generators that create a shield around the base. Afterwords, Fox McCloud and his team fight an Aparoid shaped like a cannon made by Pigma on the planet's surface.


  • In Star Fox 64, Fichina was mislabeled Fortuna, a planet from the original Star Fox game that did not appear in Star Fox 64. In the 3DS remake Star Fox 64 3D, Fichina was named correctly.  Both planets were later featured in Star Fox Assault
  • Fichina is similar to planet Hoth from Star Wars. Both planets are snowy and icy.
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