Fi is a character in Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warriors. She is the humanoid representation of the Goddess Sword. Fi is the spirit within the Sword, enlisted to guide Link during his adventure, serving as the hero's companion in the game.


Unified Timeline


The goddess Hylia created the Goddess Sword and Fi, an intelligent humanoid spirit who resides in the Sword, and gave it the purpose of assisting Hylia's chosen hero in fulfilling his destiny of defeating Demise. She then enshrined the Sword inside the Statue of the Goddess before raising it into The Sky as part of Skyloft.

Helping Link

Preceding the Wing Ceremony, Fi appears to Link in his dreams, foretelling him of his destiny. After Link and Zelda are attacked by a black tornado, Link wakes up in his room, where he hears Fi speaking to him. Fi guides him to the Statue of the Goddess, further explaining his fate as the chosen hero and encouraging him to draw the Goddess Sword from its pedestal so that Fi can formally acknowledge him as her Master. Fi gives Link the Emerald Tablet and tells the hero that he must go beneath the clouds in order to find Zelda and fulfill his destiny, with the tablet illuminating the path ahead. In addition, Fi will warn Link when the Wii Remote's batteries are low.[1]


Once Link seals away Demise within the Master Sword, Fi requests that Link end their relationship by returning the Master Sword, as her purpose in aiding the chosen hero in his mission is complete. Link thrusts the Sword into its pedestal in the Temple of Hylia, but Fi calls him back to give a true goodbye, showing emotions for the first time and claiming that their time together was the most precious, for she has experienced happiness before falling into an endless sleep. She then thanks Link and hopes that they may meet again in another life as her consciousness fades away into the Master Sword.

Unclassified Information

100 years before Breath of the Wild

100 years before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of Link's reincarnation is nearly killed by Guardians that fell under Ganon's control. Fi, as the spirit of the Master Sword told Zelda to find Dr. Purah in order to get her master nursed back to health.

During Breath of the Wild

Once Link complete the "The Hero's Sword" quest, Fi manifest herself once again with her signature speech sound and glow.

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