Fei Long is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Super Street Fighter II. He is an action film star from Hong Kong who enters tournaments to test his skill as a martial artist.


Fei Long is very serious most of the time with a calm exterior. The best example of this is in his rival fight against Abel, where he is shown to be in a normal mood at first, but all of a sudden loses his temper just as the Frenchman asks him for a fight twice. He is full of fighting spirit and takes great pride in his fighting style Hitenryu, which he seeks to honor in all ways possible. He also despises all that is evil.

Fei Long also enjoys a good match; although he is a famous martial arts movie actor, he still takes his time to appear at underground fighting areas to find a worthy opponent to spar with. There are also times when Fei Long is shown to be a little cocky; this can be seen by many of his personal actions and also win quotes against certain characters.

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