Febail ​is a character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the son of Brigid, and the brother of Patty. He is the inheritor of the holy Yewfelle, which is passed down to him from his mother. He works as a mercenary for Bloom in Chapter 8, but Patty manages to convince him into joining Seliph's army. He will inherit the dukedom of Jungby if he does not inherit his father's homeland. His substitute character is Asaello.


Much like his sister, Febail has taken up several heavy responsibilities throughout the course of his life. Febail is observed to be a compassionate and caring youth, as can be seen from the immense love he has for the orphans he took under his wing.

He is also rather protective of his sister and his long-lost mother, Brigid, and will, without hesitation, turn aggressive, should anyone dare to mock their good names.

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