Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water  (JP) (Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water in PAL regions) is the fifth entry in the Fatal Frame series and the first entry to be released on the Wii U. The game was initially released in Japan in September 2014, before being released in the other continents over a year later. The North American version's only available digitally as an app to download on eShop, and wasn't released in a physical CD form unlike its Japanese and PAL counterparts. The game, as typical of the series, is based on an eerie and horrifying content of navigating through dark haunted forests and environments whilst avoiding ghosts which can only be countered back with a special camera known as Camera Obscura that focuses on them with a 'fatal frame' (hence the American name of the series).



The player walks through a forest on a mountain with a camera. Using this camera, the player spots spiritual phenomena as well as defends themselves from ghosts. Using the camera in succession will defeat the ghosts, but waiting until the latest moments will earn more points. The game also features a wetness system where certain actions will get the player wet, turning the character's clothes more see-through and more susceptible to ghost attacks.


  • Yuri Kozukata
  • Ren Hojo
  • Rui Kagamiya
  • Hisoka Kurosawa
  • Miu Hinasaki
  • Miku Hinasaki
  • Shiragiku
  • Haruka Momose
  • Fuyuhi Himino


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water receives "mixed or average" reviews getting a metascore of 67/100 based on 58 critic reviews.[1]


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