Fast RMX is a enhanced version of the 2015 racing game, FAST Racing NEO, for the Wii U. It includes all the tracks of the original and the expansions as well as 6 new tracks for a total of 30 tracks. The game also supports HD Rumble.


The 30 tracks are organized into 10 different cups. Over the course of these cups, players will unlock 15 different vehicles.The game is now 1080p at 60fps as well.

The game now also features local multiplayer support for 2-8 players between Switches on top of splitscreen for up 4 players and online for up to 8 players.

The game features a new F-Zero inspired Hero Mode.

New Tracks


In April 2017, the game received its first update. This one added a new Time Attack mode and Online Friend support for Multiplayer.

Coming in September 2017, the game will be getting the Remix update which will add 6 remixed tracks and two new remix cups.

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