Faron is one of the three guardian deities of The Surface in The Legend of Zelda series. Faron is mainly featured in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as the game takes place in the period where the Dragons are tasked with protecting the land in the absence of Goddess Hylia. As her name suggest, Lanayru watches over the Faron Province.


Faron was tasked with watching over the Faron Province by the Goddess Hylia a long time before the events of Skyward Sword and was asked to teach one of the four parts of the "Song of the Hero" once said hero would appear in the distant future. She is attacked and wounded by Ghirahim sometime before her meeting with Link.

Link learn of Faron's existence via Yerbal, an aged Kikwi. When he arrives at Lac Faroria, a Parella named Jellyf asks him if he can help Faron after witnessing his spin maneuver via the Water Dragon's Scale, and takes Link to her. Due to her wounds, she is forced to sit in a basin that is filled with Sacred Water, which possess the power of healing. She ask Link to retrieve more of it in Skyview Temple if he wants her to show him the location of the Sacred Flame. After healing her, she ask Link to follow her to the Floria Waterfall where she stops the waterfall to reveal the entrance of the Ancient Cistern containing the Sacred Flame.

When Link arrives at the Fire Sanctuary deep within the Eldin Province, he finds the entrance blocked by a row of flames. Only watering the large frog statue's tongue will douse the flames. However, this requires a large amount of water. Link then go ask Faron if he can use her basin to carry enough water to solve his problem. Scrapper helps Link by carrying the basin to the Fire Sanctuary.

Later, Link returns to Faroin to learn her part of the "Song of the Hero" after learning of its existence by Levias. When Link arrives in the Faron Province, he notice that the whole region was submerged under water. By investigating the tree located at the center of the forest, he meet Faron who tells him that she was the one who caused the flood in hope of destroying the monsters that invaded her land. Faron challenges Link to a final test to prove that he is worthy of learning the "Song of the Hero" by collecting Tadtones, small aquatic creatures similar in appearance to musical notes, which Faron has hidden throughout the flooded woods. Faron appears one last time when Link has learned the four parts of the song and she sings it alongside Eldin, Lanayru and Levias.

FI's Comment

"Her name is Faron, the Water Dragon. As the great protector of Faron Province, she has power over water. However, she seems to have lost her power for the moment."

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