Faris Scherwiz is a playable character in Final Fantasy V. Faris is a pirate captain who travels with a pirate ship and its crew, accompanied by a sea-dragon named Syldra. The party first encounters Faris when they try to steal the pirate ship, which leads to their adventures as the Warriors of Light.


Faris is courageous, sometimes reckless, and determined not caring what anyone else thinks. She is initially selfish and only joins the other Light Warriors for personal reasons rather than to save the world. She is brash, rude, and rough-spoken, and, being a pirate captain, she is a strong leader and refuses to be left out of things. She has no problem with leaping into dangerous situations. As a Warrior of Light, she represents Fire, the element of courage.

Being raised as male by pirates, Faris is defensive about her gender and can even be inconsistent in referring to herself as male or female. She can be defensive about her emotions and has a hard time expressing how she feels. She does have a caring side that comes out when she realizes she and Lenna might be connected, and she becomes protective of her. Though she never becomes sweet-spoken and polite, it is clear she is fond of her fellow Light Warriors and begins feeling a responsibility towards the world as they do.

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