Flarina ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. She is a famed member of the 3rd Wing of IIia's Pegasus Knights. She is the middle sister of Fiora and Florina. She only appears in Hector's Tale and joins in that version of the story.


When she was a pegasus esquire, her squad almost died in a practice maneuver. However, Fiora left her own mission and arrived to save them, which resulted in her being charged with a massive termination fee. While Farina says that Fiora should have left her to die to preserve her own honor, she is also grateful to her for her actions and wishes to help her pay off the loan.

Some time before the storyline, Farina got into an argument with Fiora that caused the two of them to separate. She makes her first appearance in Chapter 25 of Hector's Tale and offers to be hired by Hector for the large sum of 20,000 gold. Whether or not she is paid and recruited is the choice of the player.

If she achieves an A support with Hector, she will marry him in the Epilogue. In this scenario, she will become the mother of his daughter, Lilina.

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