"Pop stars can't make it on their own. They need the help of fans like you to get the audience worked up! Keep time with your friends!"

-In-game description

Fan Club is the fourth minigame that is played in Rhythm Heaven, coming right after Fillbots. It is also the first game that is played listening to an actual song instead of just a tune. The song is "Thrilling! Is This Love?", and is sung by a new pop star (named Pop Star) on a stage. Her audience consists of brown monkeys that love her music, and have developed special clapping moves that they clap for certain parts of the song. The player takes control of one of these monkeys.

The stage she sings on seems to be a cheap, small stage with a piece of painted cardboard behind it. The whole thing is in the middle of a field of grass. There is a giant TV hanging from above somehow that displays patterns of colored circles or squares.

How to Play

Playing the game is done by making your monkey (the one in the front right) clap at the same time all of the other monkeys clap. The player claps after the Pop Star sings a certain phrase, and the monkeys give plenty of warning before clapping, making it not too hard. There are two different clapping patterns for two different phrases. When the Pop Star says something three times in a row, the monkeys clap four times quickly. When she says the phrase "I suppose" the monkeys all clap three times, then jump. The first clap here is held a little longer than all the other claps. The player can hold this clap simply by holding the stylus on the screen longer. The jump at the end is done by flicking the stylus.

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