Famicom Wars(JP) is a Japanese-only video game for the Famicom (the Japanese name for the NES). It was designed by Nintendo R&D1 and programmed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It spawned many sequels, five of which were released in America. It is the first game in the Nintendo Wars series. The gameplay can be compared to games in the Fire Emblem series, as both are in the turn based strategy genre, and both have been developed and published by the same companies (the Famicom Wars series was released first, however).

In May of 2009 the video game was released on the Japanese Virtual Console service for Wii.


The game has 15 maps in the main story mode, and two secret maps that can be unlocked after you complete the first fifteen missions in the campaign. Similar to chess, you move your characters on a grid based map. Once you encounter an enemy, you can chose to fight him or to wait. Your units have different abilities making some stronger than some of the other units.