Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir (JP) is a Famicom Disk System video game released in 1988 by Nintendo. It was never released in America or Europe for the NES. In Japan the game was ported to the Game Boy Advance as part of the Famicom Mini collection and later on Wii and 3DS Virtual Console. The game was produced by the late Nintendo veteran Gunpei Yokoi.

The game is very similar to the Shin Onigashima series, which, like The Missing Heir, was released on two disks. It is a command based adventure game that requires both floppy disks if you desire to finish the story. This is not the case with the Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console remakes which contain both disks in one cartridge or download.

On February 17, 2021, an enhanced remake of the game as well as its second part were announced on Nintendo Direct for release on the Nintendo Switch on May 14 of the same year, with the remakes also being the first instance to have an overseas release.



Protagonist, who had fallen in the grass under the cliff, wakes up with a man's voice, is cared for, and regains consciousness at the man's home. The man called himself Amachi. After that, he returns to the scene where he was lying down and meets a Girl. The Girl "Ayumi Tachibana" tells him that he is a detective assistant belonging to the Utsugi detective agency. Then the Protagonist finds a note in the office that says "Myoujin Village Ayashiro". Protagonist decides to head to the village of Myojin from the memo that he left before he lost his memory. At that time, the Protagonist succeeds in remembering his name.

The Protagonist who got off at Myoujin station is told by the station staff that Ayashiro is probably the Ayashiro family. The Ayashiro family is one of the wealthiest people in Myojin village, and Protagonist was commissioned by Zenzo Tanabe, the butler of the Ayashiro family who was suspicious of the death of Kiku Ayashiro, the owner of the Ayashiro family. Kiku was confirmed dead in the bedroom shortly after publishing his will and was diagnosed with heart failure by Kumada, the village's only doctor, but Zenzo says he does not seem to have died of illness. .. In addition, there is a tradition in the village that the dead are resurrected and the one who lives in the Ayashiro family is killed from the Warring States period, and it is said that the body is still buried in Myoujin village.

The Ayashiro family has three people who have the right to inherit heritage, Kiku's nephew Kanji Ayashiro, Jiro Ayashiro, and niece Azusa Kasuga. Kanji's will was witnessed by his attorney, Kyonosuke Kanda, and said in his will that all rights Kiku had would be transferred to Yuri Ayashiro, who bears the mark of a legitimate successor to the Ayashiro family. It turns out that his son, Akira Ayashiro, had come to the Ayashiro family on the day of the release of his will.

Besides, Kanji and Jiro were in a fierce conflict in the company within Ayashiro Shoji, it was the lawyer Kanda who introduced Protagonist to Zenzo, and Yuri became in love with the younger brother who visited the village. However, he gets information that he is missing because he ran off the village because he was strongly opposed by Tokubei Ayashiro, and that Yuri has a brother-in-law, Younger Brother, Wajin.

During that time, Kanji was found murdered in the storehouse on the premises of the Ayashiro family, and Akira's fingerprint was detected from the key of the storehouse, so Akira was wanted as a suspect. Subsequently, Jiro is found dead hanging on Mt. Myojin.

Protagonist finds out that Yuri lived in Yatsuka Town.

but, Yuri died from a fire burn in the past. Get only the information that Yuri's child is missing.

Dr. Kumada returns to the hospital and tells a serious fact. A hydrocyanic acid reaction was detected from Jiro's right hand. In addition, Azusa is found floating in the sea under a cliff on the sea. Azusa appeared to have been pushed off a cliff after being strangled. Human skin tissue is found in Azusa's nails, perhaps scratching someone.

Dr. Kumada suggested that Jiro's cause of death was a cigarette containing potassium blue acid, suggesting that Kiku was a heavy smoker and could have been killed in a similar manner, to confirm Kiku's corpse. When I uncovered Kiku's grave, it contained Akira's corpse. The cause of death was the slaughter by the capstone of the tomb, and when Kumada saw the body that was badly decomposed, the death time was clearly earlier than Kanji, so the true criminal was separated. There was also a small amount of hydrocyanic acid-reacting chopped tobacco in the pocket of Akira's body. And Protagonist remembers being attacked by Akira on a cliff over the sea and being pushed into the sea.

After that, Dr. Kumada discovered an example of a murder case due to blue acid cigarette, and the lawyer in charge at that time was Kanda, and the surname of the couple who committed themselves by being driven by Tokubei who was the former owner of the Ayashiro family in the past is Kanda. It turned out that his son, who was a boy at the time, was the current Kanda lawyer, and that Kiku knew that fact and had dared to appoint him as a corporate lawyer for the Ayashiro family as a murderer. I suspect that the case was Kanda's crime. In addition, when Protagonist tried to change clothes in front of Ayumi, Ayumi discovered that there was a burn mark on his left shoulder, and Motoko Yamamoto, the daughter of Sawako Yamamoto who ran an orphanage in Yatsuka Town, After showing the scars of burns, it turns out that Protagonist is Yuri's son and the successor to the Ayashiro family.

Protagonist gets a talisman with the Ayashiro family crest that contains a letter and a key that his mother Yuri, who had no life expectancy at the time, wrote from the dolls kept in the office, assuming that his son would one day find it. , Use the key to enter the Ayashiro family's storehouse to unravel the mystery of the labyrinth and obtain the Ayashiro family's successor's mark. However, the shadow was approaching from behind. Upon hearing the voice, Protagonist turned around, but there was Amachi, who had a scratch on his face when he was resisted by Azusa. Amachi is a pseudonym, and its identity was Kanda.

The series of incidents was Kanda's revenge on the Ayashiro family, who had driven their parents to death. Knowing that Protagonist was Yuri's son, the legitimate successor to the Ayashiro family, and a detective, he dared to go to investigate the Ayashiro family. but,

Akira, who was an accomplice, pushed the Protagonist from the cliff to the sea for fear of revealing the crime, so he pulled the Protagonist out of the sea in a hurry, but because he lost his memory, he played an unrelated man "Amachi", which is unrelated to the case. Pretending to be a lifesaver, he took the mark of the successor that Protagonist would find, killed Protagonist, and then carried Boy, who was a completely different person prepared in advance, as the successor. He planned to take over the entire Ayashiro family by becoming a guardian himself.

Kanda starts with Kiku and starts with Akira, Kanji, Jiro, He talks about all his crimes leading up to the murder of Azusa, declares loudly that he has won the Ayashiro family, and tries to kill the Protagonist, but a stranger who passed by in Yatsuka-cho helps a close call. Kanda is arrested and arrested by the police. The stranger was Yuri's Younger Brother and Protagonist's uncle, Kazuto Ayashiro. After moving to the cliffs on the sea, a dialogue between Protagonist and Wajin takes place, and Protagonist is not the successor of the Ayashiro family, but the detective of the Utsugi detective agency, and the successor should be Kazuto. And hand over the sign of the successor to Kazuto and end the story.


Yuge's Ayu Uzuki regarded The Missing Heir as a "masterpiece" of adventure games, praising the Seishi Yokomizo-like world building.



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