The Fallen Arm is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the arm of the Mechonis that was cut off Bionis. The area is mechanical like all the other area located on the Mechonis but organic life seems to have developed on the arm over time and as a result it is the only area on Mechonis with both organic and mechanical life. It is also the hidding place of the Machina a species made of sentient humanoid machines.


Before the game

Long before the beginning of the game, the arm was still attached to the body of the Mechonis but when the battle between the two Titans started, Zanza used his Monado to cut down the arm and make it fall into the ocean.

Years later, Egil wanted to get revenge against Zanza and decided to achieve his goal by any mean necessary even if he would need to kill the organic life who lived on the Bionis to do so. The other machina and his father, Miqol, tried to stop him but they failed and many were killed by the Mechons that served as Egil's personal army. The Machina decided to retire from the world affairs and as such they hid in a place that was neither on the Mechonis nor the Bionis, the Fallen Arm. Egil eventually rebuilt the missing arm of the Mechonis in preparation for his fateful fight with Zanza and Bionis.

During the game

After the fight between Silver Face and Yaldabaoth the party fall from Galahad Fortress and land on the Fallen Arm. There they are split into three group and eventually meet eachother in the Hidden Machina Village where they learn about the Machina and the true nature of Egil by the mouth of his father Miqol. Miqol ask them to kill his son but Shulk refuse, saying that they must tell to the allied forces that the Mechons have a weapon that can disintegrate organic matter but Dickson arrives, reveal that he knows the Machina and tell the party that he will warn Kallian himself.

After helping Linada fixing Fiora's body they leave for the Mechonis Field with the hope of stopping Egil.


Normal Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters

Landmarks and Locations


Lower Level Landmarks

  • Wreckage Beach
  • Ulna Passage
  • Inlet Beach
  • Junks
  • Giant Mechon Debris
  • Black Wreckage
  • Connecting Bridge
  • Digit 2 Plain

Upper Level Landmarks

  • Radiocarpea
  • Rotating Bulkhead
  • Distant Fingertip (Secret Area)


Lower Level Locations

  • Silver Wreckage
  • Zakt Spring
  • Jifum Beach
  • Transformer Area
  • 5th Pulse Zone
  • Power Pipe Ruins
  • Hidden Machina Village
  • Ether Light
  • Radiocarpea Coast
  • Digit 1
  • Digit 1 Crevasse
  • Digit 2
  • Digit 3
  • Digit 4
  • Digit 5
  • Digit 5 Beach
  • Ether Exhaust System



Name Requirement
Just Like Old Times Shulk and Fiora - Cloudy Affinity
A Family of Two Dunban and Fiora - Heart Affinity
A Night-Time Chat Fiora and Sharla - Green Affinity
Overcoming the Pain Fiora and Melia - Heart affinity
Those Waiting for You Shulk and Riki - Heart Affinity
Eternal Scars Dunban and Melia - Heart Affinity
Camping Spot Riki and Melia - Cloudy Affinity

Project X Zone 2

The said chapter in Project X Zone 2.

The Fallen arm makes an appearance in Project X Zone 2 where it serves as the area of Chapter 30: Way Beyond Good And Evil


  • It is the only area of the Mechonis still accessible after the events of the Mechonis Core.