Captain Falcon Falcon Dive SSB4

Falcon Dive is Captain Falcon's Up Special, often used to recover from falls. It can also attack enemies giving him better recovery.


This move sends Captain Falcon, diagonally up and forward. While there is no direct knockback from coming in contact with him, if he is in the path of a character, he can grab them for a moment, then cause an explosion effect and fly a bit backwards, able to perform another one. If he misses altogether, he falls over and can't attack. If hit at all in the animation, he can perform another jump


Like the rest of Captain Falcon's moves, the Falcon Dive was created for Super Smash Bros. The Falcon part is from the constant Falcon motif. The Dive comes from the fact that he is diving and Falcons dive at their prey.


In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U / Nintendo 3DS, each move gets two additional customizations to the base move. Here are the ones for Falcon Dive:

  • Falcon Strike - In exchange for a loss of the command grab, the move gains greater vertical capabilities.
  • Explosive Falcon Dive - in exchange for a second or two startup and worse vertical recovery, the move has greater knockback and damage. Falcon also goes higher than the original if it successfully grabs.


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