The Fake Smash Ball, also called "Smash Bomb" in other languages, especially Japanese (Sumasshu Bōmu), is an item in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. It only appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Physical Appearance and Behaviour

Fake Smash Balls look like a regular Smash Ball, but their logo is inverted. When it is destroyed, this item will explode into an X shape and do high knockback and damage (often 36) to any opponent nearby. Characters who use long-ranged projectile moves can destroy the Fake Smash Ball safely.

The explosion of a Fake Smash Ball can knock a real Smash Ball out of the character who broke the latter.

Names in other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese Sumasshu Bōmu Transliteration of "Smash Bomb"
Español Singular Plural "Smash Bomb"
La Bomba Smashus
  • Genitive: Les Bombes Smashus
  • Dative: Le Bombe Smashus
  • Ablative: Lad Bómbad Smashus
Las Bombas Smashus
  • Genitive: Laro Bombaro Smashus
  • Dative/Ablative: Labus Bombabus Smashus
Portugués Singular Plural "Smash Bomb"
A Bomba Smashos
  • Genitive: Les Bombes Smashos
  • Dative: Le Bombe Smashos
  • Accusative: Lão Bombam Smashos
  • Ablative: Lade Bombad Smashos
As Bombas Smashos
  • Genitive: Larom Bombarom Smashos
  • Dative/Ablative: Laves Bombaves Smashos
  • Accusative: Las Bombas Smashos


  • These items are very similar to the Fake Item Box from the Mario Kart series, but Fake Items only damage their target, not everyone around them within a certain radius, when someone triggers them.
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