Fake Doors.

Trapdoors (called "Fake Doors" in the Strategy Guide) are doors that look like the real doors from Luigi's Mansion.


  • It's a good idea to defeat the Trapdoor by using fire and the fire will destroy it.
  • If Luigi opens the Trapdoor, he gets slammed in and Luigi hears a ghost giggling.
  • As Mice and Bats are about to attack Luigi when behind it, Luigi must burn or vacuum these annoying undead mammals then burn the Trapdoor.
  • Luigi must not underestimate his flame element ammo. He can get more from the room with invisible ghosts.
  • When Danglers, behind it come out and one tosses a bomb, Luigi must avoid the bomb, let them disappear or vacuum them then burn it.


  • If Luigi vacuums the Trapdoor, the Trapdoor never shakes as the real ones do.
  • The Ice and Water elements never work against this type of enemy.
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