Faire Square is a magical town-based board from Mario Party 6. The core mechanic of this board is the fluctuating price of the stars.

Board Elements

Stars are obtained at one fixed point in the center of the board with up to 5 Stars being purchasable at a time, if the player has the funds. During the day, Brighton offers the Stars at a fixed price of 20 Coins per Star. However, during the night, Twila selects a price on a dice block from 5 Coins, 10 Coins, 20 Coins, 30 Coins, or 40 Coins per Star for the night. The board also has a quick loop around to encourage more Star buying with an even faster loop through the Whomp.

Event Spaces

There are 4 event spaces on this boards plus two passerby events excluding orb shops. The first Event Space in the top left of the board sends out a broom sending you back to start. The two event spaces in the top right suck the player in through the doors, spitting them out at the first space. The event space in the top center is a bit of a gamble. It calls everyone to that spot and has them choose a chimney in reverse place order with 1st going last. The chimney with the highest flower wins the whole pot. During the day, the price is 10 coins but during the night, the price is a Star.

The first passerby event is a slot machine run by a Shy Guy. During the day, it costs five Coins, but with lower prizes, but at night, it costs 10 Coins for prizes at double worth. The exception is the jackpot which builds up as players use it and gives the one who lines up all 3 money bags all the used money. The second passerby event is a shell game called Star Shuffle. If the player chooses to participate, he gets 2 Stars back if he wins. During the day there's only 3 hats but, during the night there's 6 hats that move faster.

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