The Factory is where Robo confronts the R Series in Chrono Trigger.

The Factory is located in the northern portion of the Northeastern continent of the World Map. Proto Dome is located to the south and Lab 32 is further west.


The Factory Ruins

After leaving Proto Dome, Crono and his party enter the Factory, but Robo has to deactivate the security systems first. They then travel deep into the Factory battling robot enemies and using security codes to access different areas. One important code is XABY.

They finally restore power to Proto Dome. But upon their exit from the Factory, they are confronted by the R Series of robots. The six R Series robots inform Robo that he is defective, which is why he is helping humans and fighting against his own kind. So the R Series destroys Robo. The two remaining party members battle the R Series and defeat them. They then take Robo back to Proto Dome where Lucca repairs him once again.


Location Description
Entrance The Entrance to the Factory is where Robo disables the security systems.
Factory area The Factory area is where Crono and his party acquire the security codes.
Lab area The Lab area is where the power is turned on and also where Crono and his party battle the R Series.

People and Enemies

There are no important people in the Factory. The following is a list of enemies the player will encounter.

People Enemies

Proto 3
R Series

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