FIFA 18 is the 2017 iteration of the FIFA series to be released for the Nintendo Switch. It is the first version on Nintendo platforms since FIFA 15. It is not quite feature-complete as the PS4/Xbox One versions, but it supports the Ultimate Team mode and has physics-based rendering as well as a Switch-exclusive local multiplayer modes.


FIFA 18, just like the rest of the games of the FIFA series, is a sports video game simulating football, where players can choose from a variety of leagues and clubs to play football, which can be played as a single match or as a tournament. Importantly, virtually all leagues and clubs are licensed, allowing the game to be as realistic as possible, and there is a large range of stadiums as well.

Unlike the PS4 and Xbox One versions, which contain all the modes and everything the game has to offer, the Switch version lacks the story-based Journey mode, but does however feature the Ultimate Team mode and multiplayers. Another difference is that whilst the other consoles utilise the Frostbite engine, the Switch version was developed with its own custom engine.

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