F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (JP) is the fourth installment in the F-Zero series. The game takes place a quarter of century after the events with Captain Falcon.

Characters and Vehicles

These are the characters and their vehicles featured in the game.

Pilot Vehicle
Megan Hot Violet
Mickey Marcus Fireball

Lord Cyber

Sly Joker
Nichi Wind Walker
Jane B. Christie J. B. Crystal
Alexander O'Neil The Stingray
Blitz Wagner Silver Thunder
Kent Akechi Falcon MK-2
Kumiko Fighting Comet
Professor Yazoo Jr. Jet Vermilion


Every race is five laps around a course. The player can lose a race if his/her machine explodes from taking too much damage, or from flying off the course. For each lap completed, the player will get a speed boost that can be used once. There is a championship mode which is some what like the time attack.

Grand Prix

Grand prix is the main mode of the game. There are four separate cups that each contain five race courses. The name of the cups are referred to as Pawn, Knight, Bishop, and Queen. Grand Prix can be played on four difficulty settings, which are Beginner, Standard, Expert and Master. The Queen cup is unlocked by playing through the first three cups on Expert mode. Master mode is unlocked by winning each series.

Race circuits

Pawn Cup

  • Bianca City (Stretch Circuit)
  • Stark Farm (First Circuit)
  • Empyrean Colony (Dash Circuit)
  • Stark Farm (Second Circuit)
  • Cloud Carpet (Long Jump Circuit)

Knight Cup

  • Tenth Zone East (Snake Circuit)
  • Beacon Port (Crossroad Circuit)
  • Synobazz (Explosive Circuit)
  • Ancient Mesa (Split Circuit)
  • Stark Farm (Third Circuit)

Bishop Cup

  • Bianca City (Tightrope Circuit)
  • Ancient Mesa (Skating Circuit)
  • Crater Land (Skid Zone Circuit)
  • Cloud Carpet (Icarus Circuit)
  • Bianca City (Ultimate Circuit)

Queen Cup

  • Crater Land (Loop Circuit)
  • Tenth Zone East (Plummet Circuit)
  • Empyrean Colony (Twist Circuit)
  • Fire Field (Land Mine Circuit)
  • Fire Field (Warrior Circuit)


Famitsu rated the game a 31 out of 40.

The game went on to sell 334,145 copies in Japan and 273,229 copies in the U.S. as of 2005.

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