F-Zero: GP Legend is a Game Boy Advance video game, and the last F-Zero game that was released on the popular handheld. Not only was it a video game, though it should also be noted that it was a popular, for a short time, TV show on Fox, and included the same characters that were in the GBA game, including classics such as Captain Falcon and Jody Summer.


F-Zero video games are known for including some of the most intense races in the video game industry, notably because of the speed that the futuristic vehicles climb up to. While the main objective is to go fast in the game, it's also suggested that you break and make sharp turns by pressing the B button (break) and L & R buttons (sharp turns/lean). While racing, you'll notice plenty of areas where there's a blue lining on the edge of the track, if you're going a nice speed, then drive over this; instead of following down below, you'll be launched into the air, though for the short time you're in the air you'll also have to maneuver your vehicle as well so that you'll be able to land back on the track. You'll also see boost tracks while racing that'll make you go even faster than before. Attacking other vehicles is also another tactic that you're able to perform. To violently ram into your opponent, tap either L or R button twice, and your vehicle will go either left or right respectively. If you manage to hit your opponent, he'll be damaged and you won't.

Game Modes

Grand Prix

You can choose one of playable 34 characters to race as. You race in a the grand prix against other racers. There are five different tipes of grand prix. There are five race tracks in a pixi. Points are added up at the end of eachrace. With one hundered points being the maximum amount of points that you can get in a grand pixi cup. There are the gold cup, the bronze cup, the silver cup and the platinum cup. There are three difficulty settings novice, standard and expert.


In this mode, you play a number of missions as each of the racers There are 8 pilots to choose from. Each pilot has 5 to 6 missions with an intertwinning plot. 

Time Attack

In this mode, you do five laps on a course and try to get the best time.


An anime series based on this game aired on 4Kids TV for fifteen episodes, but was eventually canceled.

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