F-Zero (stylized as F-ZERO) is a game for the SNES made by Shigeru Miyamoto first released in Japan in 1990 and in North America in 1991. It is the first installment of the F-ZERO series.

The game's genre is racing and takes place in the distant future. It is also the first game to feature Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, Pico, and Dr. Stewart. The game was released as a launch game for the SNES along with Super Mario World.


The game revolves around the F-Zero races and takes place in the year 2560. Aliens have made Earth their home and live peacefully alongside humans. The F-Zero races consist of vehicles that can move at extremely high speeds that hover one foot above the ground.



Captain Falcon

Considered to be the main character of the game, partially due to promotional items produced by Nintendo such as a comic featuring the bounty hunter. His ride is the Blue Falcon.

Samurai Goroh

The sworn enemy of Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh is the leader of a group of bandits. His ride is the Fire Stingray.


A green alien bounty hunter. His aggressive and violent tendencies are reflected in his racing style. His ride is the Wild Goose.

Dr. Stewart

An extremely skilled pilot who escaped death when he used his piloting abilities to maneuver out of the way of danger during a tragic F-Zero crash. His ride is the Golden Fox

Jodi Summer




# Knight League (Easy) Queen League (Moderate) King League (Hard) Ace League (Satellaview)
1 Mute City I Mute City II Mute City III Mute City IV
2 Big Blue Port Town I Death Wind II Big Blue II
3 Sand Ocean Red Canyon I Port Town II Sand Storm I
4 Death Wind I White Land I Red Canyon II Silence II
5 Silence White Land II Fire Field

Sand Storm II


Although released to the SNES, the graphics are in 8-bit with a primitive interface. Turning is implied through the track changing direction.

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