F-1 World Grand Prix is a Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color video game developed by Paradigm Entertainment, published by Video System, and distributed by Nintendo.


The Formula One simulation features 22 different cars and 17 tracks that are all based on real life drivers and courses from the 1997 season. Some drivers were left out due to legal issues, though they're represented by characters that are based on them. The game is similar to most of the Formula One games released at the time. It was based on the 1997 Formula One season, and had five game modes.

  • Grand Prix: The main game mode. This is where people could recreate the 1997 Formula One season. All 17 courses can be played in this mode. One difference between the real life races and the game is that the player can change the outcome of the race rather than the real winner of the race winning in the game.
  • Exhibition: Play a single race on any of the 17 available different tracks.
  • Time Trial: Play a single race on any of the 17 tracks. In this mode you try to get the highest possible time, with your goal being to beat the previously held record on the cartridge.
  • Challenge: A more faithful recreation of the 1997 Formula One season, which will have you winning races with the appropriate drivers.
  • Multiplayer: Split-screen, 2 player race on any of the 17 available tracks.
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