Eyeshield 21: MAX Devil Power is a Nintendo DS American football simulator released, oddly enough, exclusively in Japan in early 2006. The game is based on the manga Eyeshield 21, which was also represented in the Jump Super Stars series for the Nintendo DS, which Nintendo also published. Nintendo both developed and published this game.


In MAX Devil Power, you'll tactically plan each and every play out as a coach would in a football game. The game is controlled via the touch screen. The rules in which you are given scores in real football are retained here. The game's different teams include Deimon Devil Bats, the main football team in the game, Oujou White Knights, Taiyo Sphinx, Nasa Aliens, Seibu Wild Gunmen, Zokugaku Chameleons, Koigahama Cupids, and Kyoshin Poseidon. The latter team can be unlocked by inserting Eyeshield 21: Devilbats Devildays in the Game Boy Advance slot of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. This option is not available in the DSi and DSi XL.

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