Eyerok is a boss in the Mario series. He made his debut appearance in Super Mario 64. This character is two separate sandy hands with a single blue eye in middle of his palms.


Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

Eyerok first appears in Super Mario 64 as the boss in the pyramids of Shifting Sand Land. He guards one of the 120 Power Stars and resides in a rectangular block in the center of the pyramid. To access the area, Mario must stand on all four pillars in Shifting Sand Land to open the top of the pyramid. Mario must then go through the opening top to go down a platform leading him to Eyerok and the giant rectangular cube with a cubical opening. Mario must then break the brick to enter and battle Eyerok.

When battling Eyerok, Mario must avoid his punching attacks he levitates in midair and later his sliding punching attacks which Eyerok tries to use to knock Mario off the edge. If Mario is hit by his punching, he loses three bars of his health meter. Mario must destroy Eyerok by punching his eye in both of his hands three times (making six total). Once this is accomplished, Eyerok is defeated and releases a Power Star.

  • In Super Mario 64 DS, Eyerok reappears once again with no changes. However, there is an alternative way for Luigi to access Eyerok; he must backflip and spin from the closest platform in the sand to fall into the cubical part with a brick blocking it. He must break the brick and then engage battle.

Mario Kart DS


Mario battling Eyerok in Mario Kart DS.

Eyerok appeared once more in the Nintendo DS video game Mario Kart DS as the second boss in the Missions mode with Mario as the required character to fight this boss. In the battle, Eyerok tries to strike back by making a fist and trying to punch Mario or to defend their eyes from being attacked. Mario has to wait for Eyerok to make an opening so he may use his Green Shells and throw them at his eyes. Each hand must be shot three times total with the shell, making six in the actual total to fully defeat Eyerok. If played as Yoshi, he can breathe fire at Eyerok and Wario only needs to hit each eye twice.

Mario Tennis Aces

The Eyerok himself does not appear, but his cousin, the Snow Ogre, appears. He appears similar, but there are no eyes on his palms, but there are on his hands's backs.



The name of the boss is obviously a play on the words Eye and Rock, seeing how the rock based opponent features an eye in each hand. It can also be speculated that it is referencing the term "I Rock".

Names in other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese Iwante Pun on iwa (rock) and te (hand)
Español El Tutanmanón
  • Genitive: Lois Tutanmanonus
  • Dative: Loy Tutanmanoni
  • Ablative: Lod Tutanmanone
From Tutankhamun and Spanish La Mano (hand)
Italiano Il Rocciócchio
  • Genitive:Lois Rochiocchís
  • Dative: Loi Rocchiocchíoi
  • Accusative: Ló Rocchiócchiom
  • Ablative: Lode Rocchiócchiod
From La Roccia (stone) and L'ócchio (eye).
Français Le Cyrock From Le Cyclope (cyclops) and La Roche (rock) and English rock.


  • Eyerok behaves similarly to Bouldergeist's hands and how Bouldergeist uses them in the same way in attacking.
  • The Knucklotec has a similar attack pattern.
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