Exor is a massive sword-like member of the Smithy Gang and a major antagonist in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Exor is actually composed of four parts: the Left Eye, the Right Eye, the Mouth (which is inexplicably translated Neosquid), and the skull-shaped pommel (named Exor) that controls the entire body. Exor is used as an inter-dimensional gateway between Mario's dimension, home of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Smithy's dimension, where Smithy's Factory is located.

The iconic and recurring image of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is Exor embedded in Bowser's Keep.


Exor, on his descent to Bowser's Keep, shatters the Star Road, breaking off seven Star Pieces, thus eliminating the power of wishes from the world. The giant sword crashes into Bowser's Keep, sending Mario, Bowser, and Toadstool (who were battling in the castle) flying to other regions of the world. The keep is occupied by the Smithy Gang, and is used as Smithy's base of operations on Mario World.

Mario returns to Bowser's Keep in an attempt to find Princess Toadstool, only to meet Exor. Exor claims the keep in the name of the Smithy Gang and destroys the bridge linking Bowser's Keep to the rest of the world, requiring Mario to find another way in.

Eventually, after collecting six Star Pieces, Mario returns to Bowser's Keep via a bus driver from Nimbus Land. After defeating Boomer, Mario and his party are brought to the roof of the castle, where they engage Exor. In battle, the hilt of the sword (actually called Exor) must be defeated in order to win, but cannot be damaged until both eyes have been disabled. Following his defeat, Exor inhales the party, transporting them to Smithy's dimension.

After Smithy is defeated, Exor disappears entirely.


  • In a television commercial promoting the American release of the game, this character was erroneously referred to as "Smithy the Sword", probably also suggesting that he was the main antagonist of the game.
  • According to his Psychopath thoughts, Exor has astigmatism in his right eye and is blind in the left one.
  • Exor is the only Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars boss (aside from the Yaridovich clones) that is not immune to Geno Whirl's ability to deal 9999 damage if executed properly.
  • Exor's name may refer to Excalibur, the sword from the story of King Arthur.
  • Exor is one of the only four bosses where the heroes leave the screen without actually posing when the victory screen comes up, the others being the Axem Rangers/Blade, Boomer, and Knife Guy/Grate Guy.
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