The Excite video game series features a host of racing titles that started back in the mid 80's with Excitebike on the NES. The series initially featured motorcycles only, though with the release of the Wii's Excite Truck the vehicle choice started to branch out. Mario Excite Bike is the only game in the series to feature a developed Nintendo mascot (the series itself is owned by Nintendo, though outside developers including Left Field Productions and Monster Games have created recent entries in the series for the Nintendo 64 and Wii).


The gameplay of each entry in the Excite series is wildly different, though each one has a common goal: to be very insane. The racing is unlike normal racing titles and are very fast paced and action packed. The original Excitebike had various obstacles and had the player soaring in the air and crashing quite often. The same can be said about Monster Game's Excite Truck, which will even give the player the ability to morph the terrain. Contradicting this formula, Excitebike 64 was considered by many to be the most realistic motocross game of all time when it was released years ago.

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The original Excitebike has been remade various times for a multitude of consoles including Hudson Soft's NEX PC-8801, the Nintendo 64 (an unlockable game for Excitebike 64), the GameCube(an unlockable title with Animal Crossing, the Game Boy Advance (with both the NES Classics series and the e-Reader), and the Wii's Virtual Console.

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