The Excess Express is a train in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door that goes from Rogueport to Poshley Heights over three days. It contains a shop and several Cabins. Because a Crystal Star was in Poshley Heights, Mario took the Excess Express there. Mario thought that getting the Crystal Star would be easy, but the Shadow Sirens knew where the Crystal Star was and so Doopliss disguised as Zip Toad. He tried to destroy the train but Mario stopped him before he could get of the train at Riverside Station. When they arrived at the station the drawbridge was up because the Shadow Sirens had already been there. Mario found the key and the train continued on its trip. The next day Mario woke up, But he was the only passenger there. The train had been overrun by a Smorg, a big beast made of small things. Mario defeated it and arrived at Poshley Heights, then got the Crystal Star. If the player goes on the Excess Express again, they go through the three days much quicker.

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