Evolution Snowboarding is a GameCube video game published by Konami. The premise of the game is that a group of Boardroids have taken over the world and are, for whatever reason, hitting the slopes. So, a group of real life snowboarders view this as their opportunity to take back what is rightfully theirs - their planet - by taking hold of a variety of battering weapons and, while snowboarding, attack the opponents. An arguably terrible story coupled with sluggish gameplay and sub-par graphics caused critics worldwide to give the game a rotten grade. Even the 2005 Games Almanac claimed that it was one of the top five worst video games on the console.


In all there are 80 different missions that require you to either collect a set number of objects, attack a set number of enemies, or kill the boss. In the missions where you are required to collect a certain number of keys, there are always more keys than the number you need, meaning if you pass up a couple you shouldn't fret. In the missions where you are required to attack a certain number of baddies, make sure you do so early on, as once the mountain ends, the mission does as well and is considered a failure. Sometimes you'll find green circles that orbit around items. Be sure to collect these for unlockable content such as music videos based on the music present in the game.

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