The Evil Mani Mani statue is a fictional object in the SNES game EarthBound. It is central to many events that happen in the story, as it influences people to do evil things. In the game, it is first discovered, after a long time of digging, by Lier X. Agerate who then sells it to Mr. Carpainter. Here, it hypnotizes Carpainter into believing the color blue is the key of happiness, thus creating the Happy Happy Cult. Once defeated, Mr. Carpainter recovers his mind, and tells Ness the statue had been sending messages to him. Later in the game, it is known the corrupt mayor of Fourside, Geldegarde Monotoli, has acquired the statue. A wounded Everdred tells Ness's party how to get to the statue, and they all travel to the reverse world of Moonside. There, they fight and beat the statue, breaking it forever in the real world, too, and erasing the illusion of Moonside. Like Mr. Carpainter, Monotoli confesses he'd been under the statue's control as well, and apologizes.

In the dreamt world of Magicant, Ness finds an enemy, Ness's Nightmare, identical to the Mani Mani statue, and has to defeat it all alone. However, this enemy may not have a real connection with the actual Mani Mani, as Magicant exists only in Ness's mind, and this Nightmare may be a metaphor, representing the battle between Ness and the evil side of his mind.


Evil Mani-Mani: (+) Max HP: 860 - Max PP: 88 - Offense: 86 - Defense: 145 - Speed: 15 - Guts: 1 - Exp.: 28139 - Money: $1852 - No chance of getting an item

Ness's Nightmare: (+) Max HP: 1654 - Max PP: 882 - Offense: 172 - Defense: 253 - Speed: 31 - Guts: 1 - Exp.: 89004 - Money: $4442 - No chance of getting an item

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