Everdred (トンチキ Tonchiki), credited as Mr. Everdred in the ending of EarthBound, is a hustler and thief met by Ness at Burglin Park. He first attacks Ness to rob him, but, when he losses the battle, he gives him information about Paula's kidnapping. In the Japanese Mother 2, it is stated that the shack where Paula was being held was owned by Everdred. The next time the party meets him is in Fourside, lying wounded in a street of the city. He claims he got too close to the mayor's secrets, and he tells how to get to Moonside to defeat the source of the mayor's evil. This is the last time he is seen. However, he appears in Magicant, a world created by Ness's thoughts, where he says good-bye and disappears.

(+) Max HP: 182 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 25 - Defense: 35 - Speed: 6 - Guts: 10 - Exp.: 986 - Money: $171 - No chance of getting an item.


  • Though Everdred's fate is unknown after the Fourside event, the game's ROM contains unused ghost sprites for Everdred. This can either mean he would join Ness's party early in development (each character has a ghost sprite to indicate he or she has been knocked out) or that he was indeed planned to die in the story, which is, in part, supported by the Magicant scene.
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