King Eulogimenos Tantal is a Tantalese in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the King of Tantal and the father of the crown prince Ozychlyrus Brouev Tantal. He is a desperate king who want to free the Kingdom of Tantal from the influence of the Indoline Praetorium who use their knowledge of the illegitimacy of the Tantal bloodline to obtain Core Chips from them.


Before the events of the game

King Eulogimenos' son, Prince Ozychlyrus, left the borders of Tantal against his father's wishes to travel the world when he was a teenager, causing him to be banished. Eulogimenos maintained the isolationist policies inherited by his ancestor until word of Pyra's return reached him.

The return of the Aegis

When the party reached the Theoscaldia Palace with a demand of the Praetor of Indol, Amalthus who require that the king give the Omega Fetter to them in order to reach Elysium, the king refused with the conviction of freeing his people at last and captures Pyra with the intention of destroying her. His plan fail and he reveal to the party that the Tantal family is not descended from Addam Origo and the reason of the misery of his people.

The assault on the World Tree

Eulogimenos was present when Amalthus used his powers to control Genbu and the other Titans to attack Torna and the World Tree.


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