Eternatus is a Poison/Dragon Legendary Pokémon introduced in the eighth generation games, Pokémon Sword and Shield.

While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, the player battles a powered-up form known as Eternamax Eternatus in the climax of Pokémon Sword and Shield. This form is also briefly seen when it uses its signature move, Eternabeam, but cannot be acquired legitimately in-game.

Physiology and behavior


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In-game information

Pokédex entries


Title Entry
Eighth Pokémon generation
Pokémon Sword The core on its chest absorbs energy emanating from the lands of the Galar region. This energy is what allows Eternatus to stay active.
Pokémon Shield It was inside a meteorite that fell 20,000 years ago. There seems to be a connection between this Pokémon and the Dynamax phenomenon.

Eternamax Eternatus

Title Entry
Eighth Pokémon generation
Pokémon Sword As a result of Rose's meddling, Eternatus absorbed all the energy in the Galar region. It's now in a state of power overload.
Pokémon Shield Infinite amounts of energy pour from this Pokémon's enlarged core, warping the surrounding space-time.

Game locations

Title Location(s)
Eighth Pokémon generation
Pokémon Sword
Tower Summit
Pokémon Shield
Tower Summit

Base stats


Base Stats
HP 140
Attack 85
Defense 95
Sp. Attack 145
Sp. Defense 95
Speed 130
Total 690

Eternamax Eternatus

Base Stats
HP 255
Attack 115
Defense 250
Sp. Attack 125
Sp. Defense 250
Speed 130
Total 1125


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