The Eternal Fuel Dynamo is a ship part in Pikmin for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control for the Wii. This is one of the twenty-five necessary ship parts for the Olimar to leave the Distant Planet. This is found in the second stage, The Forest of Hope. It is usually the second ship part you find, since it is near the landing site, and there is only a few Dwarf Red Bulborbs guarding it. This ship part is important, gives Olimar's ship a unlimited supply of fuel. It takes forty Pikmin to carry.

How to Get

After knocking down the gate in the landing zone, go northeast with the Dwarf Bulborbs. They will be guarding the part, just kill them and tell at least forty Pikmin to carry the item back to base. It is in the wide open, there should be no problem finding it.


Olimar's notes

"Why, it's the Eternal Fuel Dynamo! It was a unlimited energy supply! I won't have to worry about saving electricity anymore! This will make my fight fir survival a little bit easier... This should light things up. No more candles for me!"

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