Eterna City.

Eterna City is an older city in Sinnoh with several elements of history. One of the city's landmarks is a large statue towards the east side of town. Depending on the version, this statue features a different legendary Pokémon. This City is also home to the Eterna City Gym with Gardenia as its Gym leader. Team Galactic have also occupied a building here.

The city is bordered by Eterna Forest to the West, Mt. Coronet to the East and Route 206 to the South.

Places of Interest

Eterna Gym

In Diamond and Pearl, the Gym is a simple forest maze but, Gardenia requires the player to defeat all her students. In Platinum, the gym has been redesigned into a flower clock. The player can cross the hands of the clock to navigate the gym with each trainer defeat moving the hands. Gardenia waits at the 12 O'Clock position. Upon victory, Gardenia rewards you with the Forest Badge, giving the ability to use Cut, and TM86, Grass Knot.

Diamond and Pearl

Lass Caroline
Reward: Pokémon Dollar240
Aroma Lady Jenna
Reward: Pokémon Dollar480
Aroma Lady Angela
Reward: Pokémon Dollar544
Beauty Lindsay
Reward: Pokémon Dollar952
Leader Gardenia
Reward: Pokémon Dollar2640


Lass Caroline
Reward: Pokémon Dollar272
Aroma Lady Jenna
Reward: Pokémon Dollar544
Aroma Lady Angela
Reward: Pokémon Dollar608
Leader Gardenia
Reward: Pokémon Dollar2640

Team Galactic Eterna Building

In the North side of town, this is one of the two Team Galactic headquarters. The Platinum version has some notable design changes. To access the building, the player will need Cut The player has to face Commander Jupiter and her henchmen. Defeating her will free the captured Pokémon. If the player has the Secret Key, they can access Rotom's Room and change Rotom's form.

Underground Man's House

Cycle Shop

To the southeast of the Pokémon Center lies Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop. The bicycle here isn't bought, but instead, is a reward for freeing the shop owner.

Ancient Statue

Eterna Condominiums

On the east side of town is the Eterna Condominiums. It is the home to Sinnoh's Name Rater. The player can find someone who will give out for Recycle here as well as trade a Buizel with Norton for a Chatot.


Item Location
Super Potion Sprite.png Super Potion Next to the Gym
HM01 Cynthia, outside the Team Galactic Eterna Building
Dark TM.png TM46 Near Team Galactic Eterna Building (requires Cut)
Normal TM.png TM67 Old Lady in the Eterna Condominiums
Draco Plate Sprite.png Draco Plate Behind the Ancient Statue (hidden)
PP Up Sprite.png PP Up In the far northeast corner of the city (requires Surf) (hidden)*
Moon Stone Sprite.png Moon Stone In the far northeast corner of the city (requires Surf) (hidden)*
Up-Grade Sprite.png Up-Grade Given by Professor Oak after obtaining the National Pokédex

The player can also pickup a Pokétch app, Friendship Checker, from a woman in the Pokémon Center.

Poké Mart

The Poké Mart has two cashiers. While the one on the right offers the same goods as any other Poké Mart depending of the player's badge progress, the one on the left has special items for the store

Item Price
Air Mail Pokémon Dollar50
Heal Ball Sprite.png Heal Ball Pokémon Dollar300
Net Ball Sprite.png Net Ball Pokémon Dollar1000
Nest Ball Sprite.png Nest Ball Pokémon Dollar1000

Herb Shop

East of the Team Galactic Building is a herb shop. Keep in mind that herbs while cheap and useful, lower a Pokémon's happiness

Item Price
Heal Powder Pokémon Dollar450
EnergyPowder Pokémon Dollar500
Energy Root Pokémon Dollar800
Revivial Herb Pokémon Dollar2800


Special Pokémon

The player can trade Buizel for a Chatot. It will be holding a Leppa Berry.

In Pokémon Platinum, the player can pickup a Togepi as an egg from Cynthia after clearing the Team Galactic Eterna Building.


In the Pokémon Center in Pokémon Platinum, there is a trainer the player can challenge on certain days of the week. Depending on game progress, they will have stronger Pokémon

In other media

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