Escargoon(JP) is one of the main characters in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is the sidekick and right-hand man of King Dedede and one of the characters that was added to the series that had not previously been in any Kirby media. Escargoon is loyal to his boss but is not as menacing as King Dedede himself is. Several episodes are centered around him and he was given a good deal of character development.


Escargoon has a double-sided personality. On one hand, he helps King Dedede with his schemes. In this state, Escargoon is rather cruel, and sometimes believes his role as King Dedede's lackey can give him power to invoke the death penalty. However, that does not mean Escargoon is entirely cruel. In the episode "Shell-Shocked", he even stated that he may have regretted every time he tried to kill Kirby after the latter went out of his way to find a shell that Escargoon could use after losing his old one.

Physical appearance

Escargoon resembles a half-humanoid, half-snail hybrid. He is lavender pink in color, and his shell is dark green. He has green eyes that rise up over his head on a stalk. He has short, light green hair and a goatee of the same colour. He often literally makes a whirring sound when moving.

Alternative forms

  1. Dededescargoon: After he and King Dedede are attacked by Kittarihattari in The Fofa Factor, Escargoon gains King Dedede's body. In this state, Escargoon states that they appear to be safe and sound, only to get cut off mid-speech and find their heads mixed up upon seeing his own body (from the neck down) with King Dedede's head. The duo scream in terror upon realizing this and are reverted to normal.
  2. Maimaigoon: After losing his shell in "Shell-Shocked", Escargoon enlists everyone else to find a new one. Kirby goes out of his way to find a turban shell, delighting Escargoon. King Dedede accidentally turns his lackey into the Maimaigoon by ordering a mechanical shell. Escargoon loses his mind and transforms into the monster. Escargoon is reverted to his normal form when Hammer Kirby throws his Hammer at the snail, destroying the trick shell.
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