The Eryth Sea is a great sea located on the Bionis' neck in Xenoblade Chronicles. Many floating island are scattered across the great sea, these islands cannot be accessed naturally but the High Entia who live in the area created transporters that allows anyone to navigate through said islands with ease. The Eryth Sea is typically accessed through Frontier Village with the permission of the current Nopon chief. The Eryth sea is also a point of access to Alcamoth, the High Entia capital, and to Prison Island.


Shulk wants to reach Eryth Sea after having a vision of Metal Face's defeat at the top of Prison Island. He learns that Prison Island is located above Eryth Sea at the top of the Bionis from Dickson after freeing Colony 6 from the Mechon. The party is granted access to the Eryth Sea by Chief Dunga after helping Melia defeat the Leone Telethia.


Normal Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters




Name Requirement
Fish Fly! Fish Fly! Riki and Reyn - Green Affinity
Riki Have Question Riki and Fiora - Pink Affinity
A Gift for a Loved One Sharla and Dunban - Green Affinity
Flowers of Eryth Sea Sharla and Riki - Green Affinity
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