These are quotes said by Erinys.


Battle Conversations

As an Enemy

  • "Knights of Grannvale! Return Prince Lewyn to us!"
Vs. Lewyn
  • "Prince Lewyn!? Th, this isn't possible..."

As an Ally

  • "Mwahaha, it's you... Finally realised the truth, did you? You stupid woman."
  • "Chagall! You lied to me... I cannot forgive you! Prepare yourself!"
Vs. Chagall
  • "Heheheh, Erinys... This is a fine meeting... I'll present your head to Duke Maios as a souvenir!"
  • "No way, Deet'var! I'm not the Erinys you once knew. I won't lose."
  • "Heh. Erinys, you crybaby. You're all talk. Don't make me laugh!!"
Vs. Deet'var

Death Quotes

  • "Prince Lewyn, please forgive me..."
—Erinys's death quote as an ally
  • "Ah... Queen Rahna... Please forgive me..."
—Erinys's death quote as an enemy
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