Erinys(JP) (romanized as Fury in the Super Tactics Book, and Erin in a fan translation) is a character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is one of the Four Angelic Knights of Silesse, and is the younger sister of the squad's captain, Annand.


Erinys is known for her delightful, well-mannered and sincere personality. This is true when she is paired up with Lewyn, as he mentions that he considers Erinys to be better looking than her sister, but Erinys isn't fully aware of this until Lewis says this face-to-face.

Other Appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher


  • Erinys's name is likely based on the goddesses of vengeance, Erinyes, which normally resides in the underworld, the Erinyes ascended to the earth to pursue the wicked.
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