Erdrick (Loto (ロト Roto) in Japan) is a recurring legendary hero from the Dragon Quest series, and specifically the playable character of Dragon Quest III. The first three Dragon Quest games are called the "Erdrick Trilogy", as each relate to the character of Erdrick in some way. Although he/she does not appear in Dragon Quest or Dragon Quest II, Erdrick is mentioned heavily in the game dialog and many items bear his/her name.

Erdrick is referenced in many of the later main Dragon Quest games, as well as some spin-offs. The character of Erdrick is often representative of the early Dragon Quest games.


Although Erdrick can be either male or female, their appearances are practically identical. They are of average height and build, and they have incredibly spiky dark brown hair. The female Erdrick is slightly shorter than her male counterpart, her hair sticks up less, and she wears a pair of green earrings. Around their forehead is a silver circlet inlaid with a green gem. They wear a long blue tunic over a yellow long-sleeved shirt and pants, a pair of knee-length leather boots, leather gloves, and a long purple cloak around their necks. They wear a brown leather belt around their waist, and a scabbard strapped to their back. The hero wields a simple sword and a grey heater shield with an insignia of a dragon's head and two crossed swords on the front. The hero's outfit is slightly different in the Famicom illustrations, having a gold circlet with a blue gem around their forehead, and a dark blue cloak around their neck. He is seen carrying a cutlass and a round version of Erdrick's shield. There was also no illustrations of the female Erdrick until the Super Famicom remake. In certain illustrations, the female Erdrick's outfit is more feminized than what she wears in-game, making her blue tunic a strapless miniskirt, and giving her knee-length yellow stockings instead of pants, as well as elbow length yellow sleeves.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

When Luminary, the Dragon Quest Hero, made his debut for Super Smash Bros., Erdrick was made into the Luminary's first colour swap. He has his own alternate colour: white tunic with a tan long-sleeved shirt and pants.

Cameos and references

  • In the Japanese Famicom release of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, a grave can be found in the town Saria that reads "The hero Loto rests here."[1]
  • In the North American release of Final Fantasy, a grave in the town of Elfheim reads "Here lies Erdrick". In the Japanese release however, the grave instead reads "Here lies Link".[1]


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