Epoch, also called "The Wings of Time", is a time machine built by Belthasar in Chrono Trigger.


Break the Seal!


Crono discovers the Epoch.

Unlocking the sealed doors in Keeper's Dome in 2300 A.D., Crono's party discovers the Epoch. The Nu, to which Belthasar downloaded his memory, tells them it's his last invention and explains how to use it.

So Crono's party takes it through time to once again reach 12,000 B.C.

The New King

After Crono's death, Dalton stole the Epoch, added wings to make it fly and claimed it as his own. The party members then defeated Dalton and took back control of the Epoch.

The Time Egg

The party then flies the Epoch back and forth through time in their quest to bring Crono back to life.

The Hero's Grave

Epoch is used to travel between 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D. during the party's quest to free Cyrus' ghost.

The Green Dream

Epoch is used again to travel between those same eras during the party's quest to help build Fiona's forest.

The Quest for the Sun Stone

Epoch is used to travel between eras again during the party's mission to re-energize the Moon Stone.

The Rainbow Shell

Epoch is used once again to travel back and forth between 600 and 1000 A.D. during the happenings with the Rainbow Shell.

The Fated Hour

The party uses Epoch to fly up above the planet's surface and board the Black Omen.


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