Endless Ocean: Blue World (JP) (also known as Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep in PAL regions) is a 2009 Nintendo published, Arika developed, diving simulator video game for the Wii and a sequel to 2008's Endless Ocean. The game was announced during Nintendo's 2008 October conference, and a short video showed off some of the gameplay. The game is similar to the original title but with some new additions.


Unlike the first Endless Ocean, where all animal life in the game was harmless to you, creatures such as sharks or crocodiles may attack you, and flashing danger signs will appear on the screen to warn you. Where in Endless Ocean you had your boat as the games hub, now an island containing things such as a shop, for example, will act as your hub. Although, you can access everything from the hub in an on-screen menu instead if you'd prefer. In Endless Ocean, you had one big sea to explore, the fictional sea, Monoa Lai. In Endless Ocean: Blue World, you can pick different diving spots from around the globe, each with different aquatic life depending on your location. Also, more tools were added. Not only do you have your tools from the first game, but now you have the Pulsar and the Multisensor, which is the new way to find treasure in the game. This game also has Nintendo Wifi Connection and this time, is compatible with Wii Speak. Also, for some reason, the feature to play MP3 songs from your SD card has been removed.


Nintendo Power editor Justin Cheng gave the game a 7.5 out of 10, stating that it exceeded the original by including more action and a more compelling story. He complained that the omission of a custom soundtrack, which was present in the original, was disappointing and that the slow pace of the scuba diver was unfortunate. Some reviewers also say that the game is less relaxing than the original, due to the addition of dangerous animals.

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