The Empress Bulblax is a colossal boss (in the perspective of Captain Olimar) in Pikmin 2.


In Frontier Cavern, the Bulblax is seen producing Bulborb Larvae. They may eat Pikmin quick, so Olimar, Louie or the President must avoid them. The pilots must toss Pikmin at the Empress and will roll and will kill the Larvae for them. In Hole of Beasts, the Bulblax will sleep and does not produce Larvae and this is the easy version of the fight. In Hole of Heroes, there is a gate and the Pikmin must destroy it. When it rolls, falling boulders will start crushing the Pikmin and the Larvae. An easy way to kill it, (Hole of Beasts) is to have Olimar/Louie with his red pikmin hide in the starting corner, and have the other captain attack the head with purple pikmin once it is looking straight down where the captain your not killing with is. About 1/4 of its damage will go down each time you do this.


Olimar's Note

"Initial observations placed doubt on the capability of the grub-dog family to support a strong ant- or beelike social structure, but recent studies show the family is capable of such complexity. The egg sac of the largest female grub-dog within a given range swells to dramatic proportions in response to environmental changes, such as the sudden depletion of prey species. These females temporarily take on the role of pack matriarch. Also, in pack formation it has been observed that nearly all males not involved in species reproduction undergo natural sex changes. The characteristics of such specimens are quite intriguing indeed."

Louie's Note

"For a sophisticated delicacy, make a pate de foie gras from this massively obese creature's liver and spread it over a sesame cracker."

Super Smash Bros. series

The Empress Bulbax appears as a collectible trophy in the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Trophy Description

"A member of the grub-dog family, transformed by environmental factors. Due to her ridiculous size, the empress bulblax can no longer walk on her tiny legs. She just wiggles around, rolling from left to right. Although the female continues spawning bulborb larvae, she unfortunately rolls over them with her massive body."

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